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Why Evendale?


Founded in 1951, The Village of Evendale, a chartered municipality, is an internationally recognized manufacturing powerhouse:

  • Evendale is home to 3 World Headquarters (GE Aviation, Formica, Gold Medal Products) and multiple regional headquarters including Kinetic Vision, The Modal Shop, and Silco Fire Protection.

  • To date, the Village has invested $12 million in AeroHub to create pad-ready sites.

  • Available land is owned by the Village, enabling flexibility in sale price.

  • The Village also invested $5 million in recent Glendale-Milford Bridge enhancements, AeroHub’s I-75 gateway

  • JobsOhio and REDI Cincinnati have provided nearly $2 million in grant funds to AeroHub.

  • Qualified businesses may receive up to a 10-year 75% real property tax abatement for job creation and capital improvement projects.

  • AeroHub is in a Tax Increment Finance District providing a long-term funding source for future development and public infrastructure maintenance.

  • Evendale offers an impressive array of high-quality services including Parks and Recreation and Cultural Arts programs available to our business community.

  • Evendale continuously ranks among for housing quality, median income, etc.

  • For more information about the Village of Evendale, please visit:

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